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AlumaClear®, 16oz Spray Can (11oz clear-5oz propellant)

AlumaClear®, 16oz Spray Can (11oz clear-5oz propellant)

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AlumaClear® is the premier clear coat product for aluminum in the automotive and trucking industry. Specially formulated to protect, maintain shine, and prevent oxidation and corrosion, AlumaClear® ensures your aluminum surfaces stay pristine. Depending on usage and conditions, AlumaClear® clear coat lasts between 2-5 years and can be easily removed and reapplied. Ideal for aluminum wheels, diamond plate, truck boxes, semi fuel tanks, and any aluminum surface exposed to the elements. A single can treats 6 semi wheels or 2 fuel tanks. Save $23 with a 12-pack.

Installation Tips:

  • Cleaning: Thoroughly clean aluminum with lacquer thinner and Bounty paper towels, or wash with TCI-503HD and a high-pressure cold water washer, then dry.
  • Application:
    • Wheels: Apply a light coat followed by a heavy coat before the first coat dries. Using a spinning wheel and a small fan to speed drying can help prevent runs. A spray can trigger attachment is recommended.
    • Fuel Tanks: Spray in sections (front, rear, between straps). No masking is necessary; overspray will fall off rubber and can be wiped off stainless with lacquer thinner. Mask painted areas if needed.
  • Conditions: Avoid applying if the weather is too hot, humid, or damp, as this can cause a milky appearance. Wait for cooler conditions.
  • Practice: With a little practice, you'll find applying AlumaClear® is straightforward. It can be removed at any time with lacquer thinner.

Trust AlumaClear® to keep your aluminum surfaces looking their best, with long-lasting protection and easy maintenance.

Looking to elevate your aluminum maintenance with shipping to Canada? Check out our AlumaClear® Aluminum Clear Coat and AlumaPolish options, available with our friends at These premium products are designed to provide superior protection and a high-gloss finish, keeping your aluminum surfaces looking pristine.
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