AlumaWrapp Aluminum Protection

Protect and maintain the value of your expensive aluminum equipment with AlumaWrapp®.

AlumaWrapp® takes aluminum protection to the next level. This revolutionary product is installed on new or refurbished aluminum equipment and creates a durable barrier of protection between your equipment and the brutal forces of the highway. AlumaWrapp® will last for years and can be easily removed revealing a like-new factory surface. High-performance AlumaWrapp® is designed to protect aluminum equipment that is regularly exposed to harsh environmental or working conditions.

We make it easy!

We will come to you. AlumaClear® Mobile Service is available at your factory, dealership, fleet facility or shop. If you have sufficient indoor space to accommodate the job, we will bring everything we need to complete your work on site.

Transform and protect your equipment with AlumaWrapp®, the premier aluminum clear coat system for lasting shine and durability.

Enhance Your Equipment with AlumaWrapp®

AlumaWrapp® is expertly applied to new or refurbished smooth-surfaced aluminum equipment, providing unmatched protection and shine.

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Professional Installation with AlumaWrapp®

AlumaWrapp® is custom-installed by our skilled team members, guaranteeing top-quality application.

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Comprehensive Protection with AlumaClear®

Frames, fenders, wheels, and accessories are coated with AlumaClear® for optimal protection.

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Seamless Integration with AlumaWrapp®

Custom-printed or customer-supplied vinyl graphics packages are easily incorporated into the AlumaWrapp® system.

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Customer Satisfaction with AlumaWrapp® and AlumaClear®

The finished AlumaWrapp® system leaves our customers happy. With
AlumaClear® protective polish, your vehicle is safeguarded from the
elements and maintains a brilliant shine.

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Revealing Like-New Surfaces with AlumaWrapp®

AlumaWrapp® is removable, uncovering a like-new aluminum surface even after years on the road.

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AlumaWrapp® delivers unmatched protection and versatility, preserving various vehicles from trucks and trailers to specialized agricultural equipment, ensuring lasting durability and impeccable aesthetics fleet-wide.

Bulk Cargo

Dry Bulk

AlumaWrapp®: Tailored Protection for Dry Bulk Vehicles

Give your dry bulk tanks the ultimate protection and shine with AlumaWrapp®, the leading aluminum clear coat system. AlumaWrapp® creates a durable barrier against the toughest conditions, ensuring your tanks remain pristine and protected on the road. Whether installed on new equipment or refurbished surfaces, this revolutionary product delivers long-lasting performance and can be easily removed to reveal a like-new aluminum surface.

With AlumaWrapp®, your dry bulk tanks will not only maintain their appearance but will also be safeguarded from corrosion, environmental damage, and abrasion. Trust AlumaWrapp® to provide unmatched protection and shine for your dry bulk tanks, ensuring they look and perform at their best for years to come. Customize your protection with options including:

  • 860 cubic feet - 2 HOPPER
  • 1040 cubic feet - 3 HOPPER
  • 1250 cubic feet - 3 HOPPER
  • 1660 cubic feet - 4 HOPPER

Experience superior durability and aesthetics tailored to your fleet's needs, ensuring long-lasting defense against corrosion and environmental damage.

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Fuel Tanks


AlumaWrapp®: Superior Protection for Petroleum Tank Vehicles

Transform your petroleum tank vehicles with AlumaWrapp®, the ultimate aluminum protective coating system. Customize your protection with options including:

  • 9000 GALLON
  • 11000 GALLON
  • 13400 GALLON

Experience the unmatched durability and aesthetic enhancement of AlumaWrapp®, ensuring long-lasting protection against corrosion and wear for your petroleum tank vehicles.

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Tipper Trucks

DUMP Trailer

AlumaWrapp®: Elevate Your Dump Vehicles

Revitalize your dump vehicles with AlumaWrapp®, the ultimate aluminum protective coating system. Customize your protection with options including:


Experience the transformative power of AlumaWrapp® as it not only enhances the appearance but also provides long-lasting protection for your dump vehicle fleet.

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Feed Vehicles


AlumaWrapp®: Protecting Your Feed Tanks

Elevate the durability and aesthetics of your feed tanks with AlumaWrapp®, the cutting-edge aluminum protective coating system tailored specifically for agricultural applications. Designed to withstand the rigors of agricultural operations, AlumaWrapp® offers customized solutions for various types of feed tanks, including:


Our advanced coating system not only enhances the appearance of your feed tanks but also provides long-lasting protection against corrosion, environmental damage, and wear and tear. Experience peace of mind knowing that your feed tanks are safeguarded by AlumaWrapp®, ensuring they remain in optimal condition for years to come, even in the most demanding agricultural environments.

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