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Since 1998, AlumaClear has been successfully tested on the road and in the field.

Premium Aluminum Protection Coatings and Services

Enhance and Safeguard Your Aluminum with Alumaclear’s Superior Coating Solutions

  • Apply to petroleum & bulk tankers, dumps, gravel trains, livestock haulers, pumper tanks, wheels, fenders & more
  • Exclusive ALUMACLEAR® Process maintains “fresh-from-the-factory” shine
  • ALUMACLEAR® is scientifically formulated to create a permanent bond with aluminum surface
  • ALUMACLEAR® remains flexible and expandable so it will not flake or peel off
  • ALUMACLEAR® keeps equipment resistant to water spots, acid rain and corrosion from the elements
  • ALUMACLEAR® and ALUMAWRAPP© have been tested against magnesium chloride and salt spray Hundreds of satisfied customers from around North America have discovered the benefits of ALUMACLEAR® - The Ultimate Aluminum Clear Coat System. From harsh Ontario winters, to the baking sun of California, to the salt-covered highways of Michigan, ALUMACLEAR® has risen to the challenge and performed flawlessly.
  • It doesn't turn your trailer white!

    Instead it brings back the original shine. It easily takes the winter brown off of my trailers! I have tried a lot of different products and this is by far the best!

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  • John Noska

    TCI-503 HD is the BEST!  It took a dull trailer that hasn't been washed in 6 months back to SHINE!

    TCI-503 HD 
  • Micaiah Mast

    I use the TCI-503 to clean my trailers. I have tried a lot of different products and this is by far the best!

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  • AlumaClear

    The proven way to protect expensive polished and mill-finished aluminum.  Prevent corrosion and pitting from the day to day elements.

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  • AlumaWrapp

    Custom applied clear durable sheeting designed for aluminum protection on Tanks and Dumps.

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