Frequently Asked Questions about Alumaclear and Alumawrapp

Alumaclear FAQ

How does AlumaClear® work?

AlumaClear® is scientifically formulated to create a permanent bond with a clean aluminum surface. It can be applied to smooth or mill-finished aluminum surfaces. In the past, clear coating aluminum has had a negative or poor result. Since 1997, AlumaClear® has been successfully proven to work on the road and in the field. We have hundreds of satisfied customers from coast-to-coast.

Will AlumaClear® flake or peel off?

No. Since there are no activators or hardeners used, AlumaClear® remains flexible and expandable.

How does AlumaWrapp® work?

AlumaWrapp® is a proprietary, transparent film that is custom installed on smooth-surfaced aluminum equipment providing a lasting and durable layer of protection between the road and the equipment. At re-sale, equipment protected with AlumaWrapp® is typically worth thousands of dollars more than comparable, unprotected equipment.

Can AlumaClear® and AlumWrapp® be applied to both new and re-conditioned aluminum equipment?

Yes. Ideally, AlumaClear® or AlumaWrapp® are applied at the factory or dealer when the asset is new, however, many customers have their used equipment re-conditioned and coated with AlumaClear® or covered with AlumaWrapp®.

Are AlumaClear® and AlumaWrapp® removeable?

Yes. AlumaClear® can be removed from the aluminum surface by using lacquer thinner, while AlumaWrapp® is removed using heat. To keep equipment looking its best, many customers choose to have their fleet periodically cleaned, polished and refurbished then coated with AlumaClear® or covered with AlumaWrapp®.

Are AlumaClear® Services available remotely?

Yes. AlumaClear® Mobile Service is available at your factory, dealership, fleet facility or shop. If you have sufficient indoor space to accommodate the job, we will bring everything we need to complete your work on site.

Can AlumaClear® or AlumaWrapp® be installed at the factory or dealership?

Yes. In fact, this is the preferred option to complete the installation at the factory or near the manufacturer since the equipment has not been exposed to any caustic materials. When ordering new aluminum transport equipment, simply ask for AlumaClear® or AlumaWrapp®, the ultimate aluminum protection system.

How much does it cost to have equipment sprayed with AlumaClear® or protected with AlumaWrapp®?

That varies depending on the size and type of equipment and how much polishing and preparation work is necessary and does not include travel expenses. Please fill out our Request a Quote form or call (231) 889-3264 for a free estimate. Please be able to provide Manufacturer, Manufactured Date, Unit Type, Size, Desired Service Date and Service Location.

I have a new aluminum tanker that is already streaked and stained. How can it look like new again?

We get this question a lot. Acid rain, chemicals, magnesium chloride from road de-icing, and other materials are caustic to a new aluminum surface. In fact, polished mirror finish or mill finish will begin corroding almost on contact creating nasty streaks and stains. These streaks and stains can be removed by polishing the surface. Future streaking and staining can be prevented by coating the polished equipment with AlumaClear® or covering it with AlumaWrapp®.

How can I keep my aluminum fleet looking its best?

Once the equipment is protected with AlumaClear® or AlumaWrapp®, the complete line of AlumaProducts® make it easy to maintain that fresh-from-the-factory-shine. Start with our TCI-503 cleaner to eliminate dirt and grim. Our AlumaPolish® has been specially formulated to restore the luster to smooth aluminum surfaces. AlumaClear® Soap with Wax and Silicone Wax Treatment work together to help keep rigs spotless and looking like new. Original AlumaClear® Aerosol Spray Cans offer a quick solution to keeping wheels, bumpers and accessories looking great.