AlumaTransport® takes the hassle out of transporting your equipment for the AlumaClear® Protective Coating process. Our dedicated service will pick up your equipment from your shop or dealership, transport it to one of our state-of-the-art facility's and deliver it back to you looking as good as new.

Serving Ohio, Indiana, & Michigan

AlumaTransport® Locations

Check out our service area on the map below to see how we can help keep your equipment in top condition with our exclusive ALUMACLEAR® Process.

With AlumaTransport®, getting your equipment protected has never been easier. Experience the convenience and excellence of our pick-up and delivery service today!

Hassle-Free Equipment Transport with AlumaTransport®

AlumaTransport® makes it easy to protect your equipment with our
exclusive AlumaClear® and AlumaPolish® services. We handle everything from pick-up at your shop or dealership to transport to our Kaleva, MI facility, and delivery of your freshly coated and polished equipment.

Enjoy the convenience of professional service and the ultimate aluminum
protection with AlumaTransport®.