Alumaclear Dry Bulk Pricing

Revitalize Your Dry Bulk Fleet with AlumaClear's Advanced Aluminum Polishing Solutions!

Experience unparalleled shine and durability for your dry bulk vehicles with AlumaClear's premium aluminum clear coat system. Our expertly crafted polishes not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your fleet but also provide long-lasting protection against corrosion and environmental damage.

Customize your dry bulk vehicles with our tailored polishing packages, designed to meet your specific needs:

  • 1050-1350 CUBE (3 HOPPER): Elevate your smaller fleet with a pristine finish for just $3200.
  • 1600 CUBE (4 HOPPER): Upgrade to superior shine and protection for $3500.
  • 2000 CUBE (5 HOPPER): Ensure maximum durability and aesthetics for $3900.
  • DOUBLES: Optimize efficiency and appearance for $4200.
  • 3000 CUBE (6 HOPPER): Transform your larger fleet with unmatched brilliance for $4200.

Trust AlumaClear to rejuvenate your dry bulk vehicles, giving them a renewed sense of professionalism and performance on the road. Contact us today to elevate your fleet to new heights of excellence!

Prices Can Vary & Exclude Travel Expenses.

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