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8 oz AlumaClear Sample Pack

Undecided if our products will work for you? 

Try our 8 oz sample bottles and get your shine on today!

AlumaClear’s® Cement Remover is the recommended cleaning agent for use on all painted and aluminum surfaces. Environmentally friendly and biodegradable, AlumaClear's® Cement Remover breaks down even the heaviest concrete build up with ease.

Alumaclear's® Silicone Wax Treatment is the ultimate in protecting painted and raw metal surfaces, providing a silicone wax barrier between the treated surface and the elements.  Keep bugs, tar, cement, road grime, diesel soot and other contaminants from sticking to treated surfaces for up to 2 months between applications.  Spray on surface. Product looks milky when wet and dries clear.  Rinse once after product dries for maximum effect and beauty.  Mix 50/50 with water. 1/2 gallon makes 1 gallon of usable spray.

Easy to apply and biodegradable. AlumaClear's® Soap With Wax is the best choice for automotive and trucking industry professionals, as well as the everyday person who just wants their vehicle to clean off easy and keep a brilliant shine.  AlumaClear's® high concentrate Soap With Wax cleans off heavy films and grime and leaves a deep shine and a protective wax barrier. 

TCI-503 H.D. is a non-etching aluminum cleaner. Use to remove residual dirt, oils, road film, black welding soot, diesel fuel, corrosion & oxidation films from polished & extruded aluminum without etching or pitting.  Non corrosive, non fuming, and biodegradable, the most environmentally friendly product on the market for cleaning aluminum. Not for use on AlumaCleared® surfaces.

TCI-710 H.D. is a brushless, biodegradable, phosphate free vehicle wash & shine concentrate.  Use to remove heavy encrustation of bugs, road film, lime dust, oil and grease from all types of painted surfaces, chrome, ferrous and non-ferrous metals.  Will not tarnish or dull wheels, fuel tanks, bodies, stainless steel or truck accessories.  Biodegradable and environmentally friendly, grease cutting formula for vehicle cleaning.

8 oz AlumaClear Sample Pack


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