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2 Gal Acid Sprayer.jpg

2 Gallon Acid Hand Pump Sprayer with 56" Hose

Heavy Duty All Plastic Design Acid Spray applicator. 

Applies TCI-503HD for preparing Aluminum for Alumaclear. Cleaning Wheels, Tanks, Diamond Plate, Tool Boxes, Aluminum steps, trailers, and More.

Industrial Benefits, Holds up to Muriatic Acid, Phosphoric Acid, Hydrofloric Acid, and mixes of high quality Aluminum Brighteners. Special O-Ring seals Designed for use with Acid. Always rinse after use.

High density Polyethylene tank with UV protection. 20" long PVC application wand with wide fan spray pattern or adjustable tip for round pattern. Soft padded shoulder strap (removable) or for storage hanging. Bottom flow exit to  flexible rubber hose. Anti Kink spring at tank exit. Wand trigger has auto lock position for extended application needs and for rinsing out system. Inline filter in handle to help prevent nozzle from plugging up. Wide 5" funnel style opening for filling tank. Pressure relief valve for quick tank refills and less efforts needed to open top handle grip. Pretested at factory with water. Max pressure 45 PSI.

Limited warranty for Manufacturing defects. 2 year consumer. 1 year Commercial. 90 days rental covers Manufacturing defects only. Normal wear and Tear, Abuse, or Neglect of regular Maintenance is not covered.  

This is the best Sprayer we have found on the market today. 

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