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TCI-503 HD Aluminum Cleaner/Polishing Agent, Brushless - 1 Gallon

TCI-503 HD Aluminum Cleaner/Polishing Agent

TCI-503 H.D. is a non-etching aluminum cleaner. Use to remove residual dirt, oils, road film, black welding soot, diesel fuel, corrosion & oxidation films from polished & extruded aluminum without etching or pitting.  Non corrosive, non fuming, and biodegradable, the most environmentally friendly product on the market for cleaning aluminum. Not for use on AlumaCleared® surfaces.

Directions for Use:  Wet complete unit, Spray the chemical solution from a pump up sprayer directly onto the aluminum surface and have a high pressure washer ready for rinsing.  Apply the TCI-503 H.D. as a spray from working your way from the bottom of a section up. Allow a 1-3 min exposure time, brushing is optional.  Rinse with high pressure water (3000 psi or higher) in the same manner as application. DO NOT spray directly onto a hot metal surface. (have tip about 4" away from surface for best results) Keep entire unit wet and move to the next section. (about a 3' wide area at a time). Make sure you brush or have TCI-503HD completely covering the surface. A second application will also help. Heavy final rinse, top area really good.

TCI-503 HD Aluminum Cleaner/Polishing Agent, Brushless - 1 Gallon


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