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TCI-503 H.D.   Aluminum Cleaner/Polish  32oz

TCI-503 H.D.   Aluminum Cleaner/Polish

**Now in a convenient, easy to use Spray bottle. Easy for those small jobs like Wheels, Fuel Tanks, Battery Boxes ect.**

TCI-503 H.D is a non-etching aluminum cleaner and polish. A new ready to use biodegradable liquid ACID/SURFACANT formulation designed to effectively remove polished and extruded aluminum metal surface without etching or pitting including several levels of inhibition. Not for use on AlumaCleared® surfaces. 

Directions for use: Spray the Chemical Solution directly from the spray bottle onto a pre-rinsed, wet, aluminum surface and have a pressure washer ready for rinsing. Spray the TCI-503, working your way from the bottom of the section up. Aloow a 1-3 minute exposure time, brushing is optional but not required. Rinse with high pressure water.

TCI-503 H.D. Aluminum Cleaner/Polish 32oz


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