The AlumaClear system is the proven way to protect expensive polished and mill finished aluminum equipment.  It is an exclusive process developed to maintain that "fresh from the factory" shine on petroleum tankers, bulk tanks, dumps, gravel trains, livestock haulers, pumper tanks, wheels, fenders and all your miscellaneous aluminum projects.

AlumaClear is scientifically formulated to create a permanent bond with the aluminum surface it is applied to.  And since there are no activators or hardeners used, AlumaClear remains flexible and expandable so it will not flake or peel off.

AlumaClear will keep equipment resistant to water spots, acid rain and corrosion from the elements.  Since 1998, AlumaClear has been successfully tested against Mag. chloride and salt spray.  Hundreds of satisfied customers from around North America have discovered the benefits of the AlumaClear Aluminum Clear Coat system.  From harsh Ontario winters, to the baking sun of California, to the salt-covered highways of Michigan, AlumaClear has risen to the challenge and performed flawlessly.